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How to Install Flash Player

Believe me, it’s really easy to install Flash Player . Users don’t need to worry about it much. Frankly speaking, it’s as simple as installing any other applications provided the user moves in the right direction.
Now, let me suggest you the easiest way to install Flash Player for some of the mostly used browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc:
1. Download Adobe Flash Player from
2. Bring the archive in your home folder
3. Then open terminal and type:
Install Flash Player For Chrome
*. sudo mv /opt/google/chrome/ /opt/google/chrome/ cp~/ ~/.mozilla/plugins
*. sudo cp ~/ /opt/google/chrome/
To remove it, type:
*. sudo mv /opt/google/chrome/ /opt/google/chrome/
Install Flash Player For Firefox
*. mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins/
*. cp ~/ ~/.mozilla/plugins
To remove it, type:
*. rm ~/.mozilla/plugins/
Install Flash Player with Internet Explorer
1. Check out whether there is any error in Internet Explorer security and JavaScript settings
2. Please disable ActiveX Filtering , if you are using Internet Explorer 9
3. Go to the Download Adobe Flash player page and click the Download Now option
4. When the File download window appears click on Run
1. If any of the following windows open then click Run or Yes
1. Then the adobe Flash Player window appears and download starts
2. Close Internet Explorer and click Retry whenthe below mentioned window appears
1. Once installation completes click on Finish
Problems with installing FlashPlayer?
Now, if one encounters problem in installingFlash Player, he can apply the following tricks :
*. Check put whether the PC fills up the requirements that are needed to run the Flash Player.
*. Make sure that no older version of Flash Player is already installed in the PC
*. If so then uninstall the older version
*. Download and install the latest version
*. Try for more solutions if required
So, these are the methods that one user can apply to enjoy the right advantages Flash Player.
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Ditulis oleh: Albert Kolose - Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

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