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How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard Error.

The following characteristics keyboard notebook / netbook / laptop that error:
A. One of the keyboard keys not working
2. Buttons such as stress continues, when the office opens notepad or one of the buttons appear on. Usually the most frequent direction button.
3. A long beep as the pressure continues.
4. Usually fitted to light must hit one letter
Well if the laptop / notebook friend having symptoms like the above is easy enough. The tools that are needed only: Keyboard broken and Hairdryer
The steps that must be done:
A. Release all energy connections (carger and battrai, if not off can damage other
2. Unplug the keyboard from the laptop
3 Release all keys keyboard (be careful not to break kaki2nya let alone lose it. If forgetful friend you had a photo mending keybordnya let me not forget lgtombol2nya fitted snugly.
4. After all the spray off with a hair dryer evenly. more sprays give the error on thebutton.
5. When finished put the key in the keyboard and plug it into the Laptop / Notebook
If belom can try again, if still belom couldmean it is already keyboard can destroyed, please buy a new keyboard.
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Ditulis oleh: Albert Kolose - Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

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