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Top Ten List of How To Avoid Understanding Hypnosis Work Of Influence

Top Ten List of How To Avoid Understanding Hypnosis Work Of Influence Many victims fall for tricks and methods performed by the actors. Here are some ways they are: A. Flooding method, often called a charlatan mode and five feet. Ie when the lead actors and those potential victims to buy with false testimony. This process is part of the information flooding (flooding) on ​​the good stuff by buying eksperience of fake buyers. This makes the mind of the beholder was forced to accept the received information as truth. Flooding process, including methods of waking hypnotis. The more you focus on one thing will be more easily hypnotized. 2. Method of Rapport: Junior cake This method leads one to follow the seller's request. If the seller has followed a request by 2-4 times and friendly seller, the buyer can be invited discussion or casualties will be difficult to reject the goods offered at any price. Exemplified when someone was going to have to buy bread for Rp 100 thousand whereas the actual price of only 20 thousand. 3. Trapping methods The example most often encountered when a person trapped by inducement prizes, discounts. But the real victims are asked to buy other goods at a price that is much more expensive. Example: Person A got a phone call or met at the mall and was told he got the prize pot for free. But he is also entitled to a prize DVD, home theater, blender and more if the A buy massage equipment worth Rp 3 million. The sales will tell the tool is actually worth Rp 5 million. Person A then buy the stuff though reluctantly. 4. Shocking or Happy This methodis often used in case someone was asked to transfer some money to the account specified. The victim will be guided to transfer money terseut. But before the perpetrator would verify a few things such asname, phone number, occupation, home address. If the victim is comfortable, the offender will lead to hand things. In this method, the perpetrator uses the effect of happiness (euphoria). When people are happy there is a loss of mind aka Critical Area is open for 5-10 seconds, coupled with some comfort in the beginning that makes the victim did not move. 5. Shocking / panic Utilizing the mode of panic or anxiety victim. When the victim to panic, then the filter that filters the information to the subconscious mind is open, it's hard to think clearly. false information can be entered and specious. Forexample in the case when there are family and friends received the news of the accident. He was asked to transfer some money for a down payment operations. 6. Confusing mode This mode makes its victims confused> When a person must serve a few people with a variety of questions, are asked to do something and then felt a tap on his shoulder. This confusion is used to take something of value. This mode is carried out by rogue gangs from Turkey and Iran some time ago. 7. Method of Caring / care These methods take advantage of the victim's pity. When the unsuspecting victim, stunned, the victim usually being patted on the shoulder and the offender enter false information as requested fare for the journey is still far away, or need medical treatment and so on. 9. Shocking methods / shock These methods exploit the weaknesses of a person when you're focused on something. Usually the perpetrators target victims first, and pat or say hello and to act friendly. Actors to take advantage of surprise and led the victim to do something. 10. Fear methods These methods use the scare his victims. Before the first shock victims and perpetrators tell you about a frightening incident for example jambret beaten. Other actors joining in and embellish the story. Seeing the victim of fear, the perpetrator will offer assistance such as offers to help get atm, memabawakan bags, ponse
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