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How to Prevent Laptop Battery Drop and Explosion

Here is how the beginning of our laptop battery how to be more durable and not easily damaged. Moreover, until it explodes. Kayak BOM wrote.
Tips started:
* If the battery is weak and much reduced period of operation, better buy a new battery. Do not try to fix a battery that is damaged to be reused.
* Always make sure that you use the original battery from an authorized reseller. If the original battery that exploded just reported a lot, especially with the fake batteries.
* Do not recharge your battery more than 8 hours. Recharge the battery for too long were reported likely to cause anexplosion.
* If the battery is fully recharged now, choose one only, use an electric or battery power when you want to use a laptop.
* Use a charger dock that is compatible with your battery. Charger is not appropriate will increase the risk of overheating.
* Do not place the notebook in the area that can become very hot, for example ina car trunk or under the hot sun.
* Always follow the development of technology news, such as online news site. Usually if there is a problem in laptop batteries, laptop vendor that will conduct large-scale withdrawal. If you follow the developments and problems happen to your laptop, you can follow the procedures specified eg battery exchange.
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Ditulis oleh: Albert Kolose - Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

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